Kate has been a qualified chef for over 12 years with a background in French & Italian fine dining and has always had a passion for authentic handcrafted desserts through-out her career.

“It’s incredibly important to me not to lose the origin of where desserts came from” and believes the best food is kept simple & effective and also made from the best local ingredients.

Growing up, Kate used to love making slices and baking with her Mum in the home kitchen, she also enjoyed eating her grandmas home-made apple pies which helped inspire her to take her cooking skills to a professional level.

Kate also has an incredible passion to help educate today’s busy society about food and share how rewarding it can be making something from scratch.

Together with her inspirational & talented team of dessert artists, we are humbled to share our passion with you.


Jess has worked as a cake decorator since 2014, after completing her Certificate 3 in Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu in 2013 and working in the pastry kitchen of a luxury Melbourne hotel.  

Before joining the CupKates team, she worked at well known South Australian cake shops and even a chocolate factory!  

An award-winning decorator (Royal Launceston Show, Royal Adelaide Show), Jess is an active member of the Cake Decorators Association of SA. She continues her culinary studies through demonstrations, workshops, seminars and expos.  

Jess loves using edible decorations, vibrant colours, interesting textures, and any kind of shimmer or glitter!  

Outside of cakes and desserts, Jess loves her miniature Jack Russell dog, her growing indoor plant collection, old school RnB music, and catching up with friends. 


From a really young age I have always been artistic.

I’ve expressed my creativity through singing, dance and drawing. As I’ve gotten older I moved that creativity to the kitchen, it started with following a recipe to coming up with my own delicious, home cooked meals.

I’ve now been in the hospitality industry for 10 years from being a kitchen hand, barista and baker.

I have always done a bit of home baking for birthdays or just to eat something sweet but most of my skills have come from working in bakeries, picking up the techniques from baking, piping and decorating to selling the produce.

Working at CupKates I have already learnt a whole range of new skills and looking forward to learning more.


I have been making cakes since my son’s first birthday in 2009. I was entirely self-taught until I took my first decorating class in February 2015. I quickly came to realise I had some natural talent and within 5 months, I was teaching those classes.

I began working for myself shortly after, handcrafting personalised cakes and toppers for clients all over Adelaide and teaching decorating classes at night to people of all ages and skill levels. Nothing brings me greater joy than helping my students grow their skills and confidence in their own caking journey.

I have continued to grow my skills over the years and even been lucky enough to take a class with Paul Bradford. I soon had the opportunity to join an amazing group of modelers and decorators from all over the world when I became South Australia’s only Cake Dutchess™ Instructor.

Working at CupKates Desserts has given me the chance to grow and develop new skills and let my love of baking and all things fun and sweet, thrive. I look forward to bringing my classes and passion for desserts to a whole new level with this amazing team of dedicated bakers.


Ever since I was a teenager I have been baking cakes and in 2000.

I began to focus on creating unique designs and narratives while decorating my desserts. At this point I started baking for family and friends whenever I could so I could experiment with different techniques, flavours and designs.

I have worked in sales for several bakeries but have always dreamed to be in the kitchen.

CupKates Desserts has given me the opportunity to work alongside the bakers allowing me to share my passion for baking and decorating.


I have always had a creative flair from childhood and try my hand at what ever there was to try. Sewing, crocheting, painting, knitting … the list goes on!

My past careers have been around administration in all types of industries.

I was lucky enough to be a stay at home Mum for a while which gave me the opportunity to create again but I focused in the kitchen.

Starting from birthday/occasion cakes for family and then friends and then as a small business.

I have found a passion in cookies with fondant and royal icing and always trying new techniques and products.

Working with the Cupkates team has given me the opportunity to use my skills and creativity with an amazing team! Looking forward to creating some amazing sweets for you all to enjoy!


I’ve had a passion for baking since I was three when my Gran taught me to make macaroons, apricot oysters, and many other birthday party staples of my childhood.

I started decorating 12 years ago with encouragement from my talented sister-in-law, Michelle who managed to take every decorating class available in Adelaide at the time and was delighted to help me make a Thomas the Tank cake for her oldest sons first birthday.

We made a big mess, but ended up with a recognisable Thomas and a delighted birthday boy – I was hooked from then on. Lots of other classes followed and cake decorating is now a fully blown hobby that often threatens to take over the house.

The arrival of my own children has provided me with lots of opportunities to learn new techniques and tackle new characters as they emerge and working with CupKates Desserts has certainly honed my cupcake making skills!