Classic Range

$48 Per Dozen (12)

  • Your choice of American buttercream from our current range
  • Choose between rosette or swirl piping style


Chocolate Mud

Minimum order of 12 Cupcakes

Deluxe Range

  • 4 for $20

  • 6 for $30

  • 12 for $55

  • 24 for $105

  • 36 for $160

  • 48 for $210

Classic Vanilla

Magic “Freckle” Mountain

Chocolate Mud Shake

Little Red Vel-vette!

Sherbet Raspberry Fizz

Do The Hokey Pokey

The Funfetti 

Strawberry Milkshake

Choc Mint to Be

For Show Oero 

Ferrero Rocher

Coffee Bean There Done That

Please Sir Can I Have S’More

Take Me Home Rocky Road

Minimum order of 4 Cupcakes

Corporate Range

$60 Per Dozen (12)

  • Your choice of American buttercream flavour and colour from our current range
  • Each cupcake is professionally presented with a fondant disc topped with an edible custom printed logo/image


Chocolate Mud

Minium Order of 12 Cupcakes

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